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Rapid Response teams help homeowners begin the long road to recovery

Our Rapid Response cleanup teams are beginning the immense task of helping homeowners to get started cleaning up their homes. Volunteers and staff are tarping damaged roofs, removing soggy drywall, and spraying for mold that quickly develops in flooded homes. The teams aren’t yet able to access many areas, but the floodwaters have gone down enough that they are getting started in some places.

More than 100,000 homes were damaged as Hurricane Harvey pummeled south Texas with more than 50 inches of rain. Rapid Response teams from throughout the U.S. are prepared to join our Texas team to help with the massive cleanup project.

Cleanup underway in Texas-2

Now that the storm is over, CAM’s Search & Rescue teams are finished with their part of the project. They rescued 429 people from flooded areas and took them to safe locations. Ralph Kropf, Illinois SAR coordinator, related, “We saw all kinds of situations. People supposed to be on oxygen who had no oxygen for days. An older gentleman having a heart attack. Some people crying, and others walking down the flooded street singing. ”

Cleanup underway in Texas

CAM’s Loaves & Fishes Food Kitchen is set up in Texas and have been serving around 750 meals per day. They will likely be in the area for several weeks, providing hot meals, Christian literature, and encouragement to devastated homeowners.

Please continue to pray for the thousands of people who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. During the actual emergency, adrenaline keeps them going. But when the disaster is past and they return to their homes, discouragement and despair can often set in. Pray for our staff and volunteers as they connect with them and offer help and encouragement.