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Hurricane Harvey blasted onto the coast of Texas on Friday night, August 25, bringing with it one of the worst flooding disasters in recent U.S. history. As much as 30 inches of rain have fallen in parts of southeastern Texas—nearly the amount that falls over an entire year.

Although some homeowners have already reported waist-deep water in the second stories of their homes, more drenching rain is expected to continue through the middle of this week.

Thousands are pleading for rescue as the water rises. Officials sort through the requests to figure out who to help. Their criteria: If water is up to your waist, your situation is not life threatening. If it is up to your shoulders, it is life threatening.

Twenty elderly people at a nursing home watched in desperation as murky water rose above the armrests of their wheelchairs. It was only after the owner’s daughter put out a plea for help that they were rescued.

CAM staff members are on the ground in Texas, monitoring the situation and helping as they can. Our Search & Rescue teams have been asked by numerous emergency officials to assist with rescues, picking up stranded people at their flooded homes and taking them to a safe location.

CAM teams rescue stranded people, investigate needs, and set up to feed Hurricane Harvey survivors

CAM’s Loaves & Fishes Food Kitchen has arrived in the disaster area to serve meals to homeless survivors as soon as possible. Following a disaster like this, people have no way to cook and often have no place to get groceries.

The Texas Rapid Response team is actively researching the flooded areas. Once floodwaters subside, they will start what could end up being one of the largest flood cleanup projects we have ever faced. Rebuilding will undoubtedly follow.

Please pray for those in the path of the storm and for our teams as they investigate needs and help hurting people. Thousands have already lost their homes and possessions and the floodwaters continue to rise.

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