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What We Do


Our team is equipped to search, manage, or assist in missing incidents with mapping and tracking capabilities to efficiently search and log searched areas. We also have our own portable repeaters capability to insure communication in remote areas.


Our team is available to assist in the aftermath of tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. We can assist with clearing areas and searching for survivors as well as tracking and managing the search and recovery efforts. Our team is trained to use the NIMS framework as well as the FEMA marking system for seamless integration with other teams.
Missouri SAR Team

About Our Team

The Missouri Search and Rescue Team was established in March of 2019. We are funded entirely by donations so our services are at no cost to the recipients. Our team consists of 30 members dedicated to helping to locate and rescue lost persons while providing stability and support to distressed loved ones.

Our training, equipment, and experience enable us to manage large searches including providing Incident Command, conduct wilderness grid searches, record detailed records with GPS mapping and tracking (especially important for ongoing searches), supply management and coordination of civilian volunteers. Each of our team members are required to complete and maintain a minimum level of training certifications including CPR, Wilderness First Aid, ICS 100 & 700, and an extensive Search and Rescue course. Many of our members have SARTECH II and numerous others certifications. Our lineup of equipment and expertise is continually increasing.

Our aim is to be the link between the missing person and the EMS/Law enforcement officials by assisting at any level from simply providing more  boots-on-the-ground to conducting complete search operations. We aspire to share God s love and care to distressed persons through our practical support and efforts.

Our Equipment

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Operations Trailer

Staging Trailer

GPS Tracking & Mapping Software

Matrice 300 RTK Drone

Our Training

Our team works hard to be proficient at what we do. We take our certificates and training seriously and do what we can to increase our knowledge of search and rescue topics. This continued training increases our efficiency and makes our scenes safer for all involved.

All Missouri SAR team members are required to hold the following certifications:

CPR & First Aid  •  ICS 100 & 700
NASAR SAR Tech II (or equivalent)  •  Wilderness First Aid • Lost Person Behavior
• CPR & First Aid
• ICS 100 & 700
• NASAR SAR Tech II (or equivalent)
• Wilderness First Aid

Many of our team members are certified in the following areas:

State Approved Boater’s Safety  •  Fire Fighter
ICS 200, 300, & 800  •  BICO Cold Weather SAR
First Responder  •  Crime Scene Preservation
Amateur Radio Operator
• State Approved Boater’s Safety
• Fire Fighter
• ICS 200, 300, & 800
• BICO Cold Weather SAR
• First Responder
• Crime Scene Preservation
• Amateur Radio Operator
Ohio SAR Team Training

Our Team

Austin Stauffer
Brandon Miller
Benjamin Gascho
Edwin Weaver
Eric Kempf
Gordon Ebersole
Javin Kropf
Jedd Kempf
John I Hurst
Joni Wickey
Justin Martin
Kevin Schrock
LaWayne Graber
Matt Schrock
Lyndon Yoder
Matthew Huber
Matthew Schrock
Micah Schrock
Nathan Headings
Nathan Miller
Ryan Martin
Samuel Zimmerman
Sheldon Martin
Stephen Gascho
Timothy Crawford
Tristan Moser
Zachary Headings

Recent Activity & Incidents


Incident Location


Nov 30, 2023 - Dec 01, 2023

Syracuse, MO


Aug 11, 2023 - Aug 13, 2023

Washington, MO


Aug 03, 2023

Eldon, MO


Jul 01, 2023

Rogersville, MO


May 07, 2023

Hartshorn, MO


Mar 24, 2023 - Mar 25, 2023

Seymour, MO


Feb 27, 2023

Clarence, MO


Jan 13, 2023

Marshfield, MO


Dec 30, 2022

Washington, MO


Oct 28, 2022 - Nov 02, 2022

Washington, MO


Sep 27, 2022

Springfield, MO


Aug 10, 2022

Clarence, MO


May 11, 2022

Neosho, MO


Mar 25, 2022

Tecumseh, MO


Feb 28, 2022

Morse Mill, MO


Sep 01, 2021

Kingston, AR


Aug 30, 2021 - Aug 31, 2021


Hurricane Ida

Jul 22, 2021

Carthage, MO


Jun 02, 2021 - Jun 04, 2021

Eldridge, MO


Mar 22, 2021 - Mar 24, 2021

Jasper, AR


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Dates: 11/30/2023 - 12/01/2023
Location: Syracuse, MO
Operation: Wilderness
Team(s) Involved: Missouri
Dates: 08/11/2023 - 08/13/2023
Location: Washington, MO
Operation: Water
Team(s) Involved: Missouri, Ohio
Dates: 08/03/2023
Location: Eldon, MO
Operation: Land
Team(s) Involved: Missouri
Dates: 07/01/2023
Location: Rogersville, MO
Operation: Wilderness
Team(s) Involved: Missouri
Dates: 05/07/2023
Location: Hartshorn, MO
Operation: Wilderness
Team(s) Involved: Missouri
Dates: 03/24/2023 - 03/25/2023
Location: Seymour, MO
Operation: Water
Team(s) Involved: Missouri
Dates: 02/27/2023
Location: Clarence, MO
Operation: Wilderness
Team(s) Involved: Missouri
Dates: 01/13/2023
Location: Marshfield, MO
Operation: Land
Team(s) Involved: Missouri
Dates: 12/30/2022
Location: Washington, MO
Operation: Water/Land
Team(s) Involved: Missouri
Dates: 10/28/2022 - 11/02/2022
Location: Washington, MO
Operation: Water
Team(s) Involved: Missouri

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