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What We Do


Our team is equipped to search, manage, or assist in missing person incidents with mapping and tracking capabilities to efficiently search and log searched areas. We also have several communication options that include stationary and portable repeaters for clear communication in remote areas. Our team also utilizes advanced drones with cameras and thermal capabilities.


Our team has multiple boats and trained team members that can assist with searches for drowning victims. We utilize state of the art side scan SONAR and also have a towfish to obtain stable images in deep water. Our ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) allows us to use cameras and SONAR to clear points of interest or make body recoveries in up to 500 feet of water.


Our team is available to assist in the aftermath of tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. We can assist with clearing areas and searching for survivors as well as tracking and managing the search and recovery efforts. Our team is trained to use the NIMS framework as well as the FEMA marking system for seamless integration with other teams.

Ohio SAR Team Training

About Our Team

The Ohio SAR team was established in June 2016. Our 30 team members are from conservative Christian communities and are passionate about helping others.

Our goal is to be an effective resource and to assist local law enforcement, EMS, fire departments, park services, and other responsible agencies with missing person searches.

We strive to maintain proficiency in our skills and work hard to stay current in training and equipment . Since our team is volunteer based, we do not charge for our services. Our ultimate goal is to show the compassion and love of Christ to people in distress.

Our Equipment

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Underwater Camera

Outland ROV

Matrice 300 Drone

Inspire II Drone

Zodiac Inflatable Boat


Staging Trailer

Jon Boat

Klein Towfish

GPS Tracking & Mapping Software

Aluminum SONAR Boat

Our Training

Our team works hard to be proficient at what we do. We take our certificates and training seriously and do what we can to increase our knowledge of search and rescue topics. This continued training increases our efficiency and makes our scenes safer for all involved.

All Ohio SAR team members are required to hold the following certifications:

CPR & First Aid  •  State Approved Boaters Safety Course
ICS 100, 200, 700, 800  •  NASAR SAR Tech II
Wilderness First Aid  •  Swiftwater Awareness

• CPR & First Aid
• State Approved Boaters Safety Course
• ICS 100, 200, 700, 800
• Wilderness First Aid
• Swiftwater Awareness

Many of our team members are certified in the following areas:

Firefighter  •  Rope Rescue Technician  •  ICS 300 & 400  •  EMT
  Amateur Radio Operator  •  Advanced Wilderness Life Support
MLPI  •  Paramedic  •  Registered Nurse  •  Crime Scene Preservation  •  Lost Person Behavior  •  Wilderness EMT
FAA Drone License  •  Swiftwater Technician

• Firefighter
• Rope Rescue Technician
• ICS 300 & 400
• Amateur Radio Operator
• Advanced Wilderness Life Support
• Paramedic
• Registered Nurse
• Crime Scene Preservation
• Lost Person Behavior
• Wilderness EMT
• FAA Drone License
• Swiftwater Technician

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Without your assistance and skill set, I am convinced the results would not have been as productive
— Chief Larry Helms, Wheeling Fire Chief

You and your team have been an integral part of our mission bringing to bear resources that exceed our local capabilities. The skill, knowledge, and proficiency of your team far surpassed my initial expectations. The resources that you mobilized to assist us are greatly appreciated. In all of our interactions, your team was ready and willing to accomplish and/or attempt any function we requested of you.
— Chad A. Hollinger, Deputy Fire Chief, Sidney, Ohio

Your team was top notch and your technology was extremely impressive.  Thank you for saving not only her life that day, but for the work you perform each and every day.
— Commander Michele Miller, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Corrections

lt’s comforting to both the North Canton Police and Fire Departments knowing there are organizations like yours that aid in Search and Rescue.
We cannot thank you enough for your efforts.
— Sincerely, North Canton Police Department Benevolent Association - Erin R Cornell Secretary-Treasurer

Ohio SAR Team Training

Our Team

Alvin Hershberger
Anthony Zook
Benjamin Bear
Chad Hershberger
Chris Hershberger
Duane Martin
Elmer Schrock
Elmer Sensenig
Fred Schwartz
Jay Yoder
John Brunk
Jon Weaver
Josh Miller
Kendall Troyer
Lavon Yoder
Lawrence Stauffer
Lyndon Schwartz
Marcus Miller
Marvin Heatwole
Marvin Mullet
Morris Lapp
Moses Schwartz
Randy Geiser
Randy Hershberger
Robert Yoder
Ron Hershberger
Travis Miller
Troy Denlinger
Wayne Yoder

Recent Activity & Incidents


Incident Location


Nov 16, 2023

Vinton, OH


Oct 17, 2023

Fredericksburg, OH


Oct 09, 2023

Corning, OH


Aug 11, 2023 - Aug 13, 2023

Washington, MO


Jul 22, 2023

Baltimore, OH


Jul 21, 2023 - Jul 22, 2023

Union Furnace, OH


Jul 17, 2023

Logan, OH


Jul 03, 2023

Zanesville, OH


May 31, 2023

Logan, OH


May 17, 2023 - May 23, 2023

Oyster Bay, NY


May 08, 2023

Hamden, OH


Apr 30, 2023

Dayton, OH


Mar 10, 2023

Hammersville, OH


Mar 05, 2023

Piketon, OH


Jan 04, 2023

Chillicothe, OH


Dec 07, 2022

College Corner, OH


Nov 23, 2022

Fayette, OH


Nov 22, 2022 - Nov 23, 2022

Sheffield, OH


Nov 09, 2022 - Nov 10, 2022

Sheffield, OH


Oct 04, 2022

Stout, OH


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Dates: 11/16/2023
Location: Vinton, OH
Operation: Wilderness
Team(s) Involved: Ohio
Dates: 10/17/2023
Location: Fredericksburg, OH
Operation: Land
Team(s) Involved: Ohio
Dates: 10/09/2023
Location: Corning, OH
Operation: Wilderness
Team(s) Involved: Ohio
Dates: 08/11/2023 - 08/13/2023
Location: Washington, MO
Operation: Water
Team(s) Involved: Missouri, Ohio
Dates: 07/22/2023
Location: Baltimore, OH
Operation: Water
Team(s) Involved: Ohio
Dates: 07/21/2023 - 07/22/2023
Location: Union Furnace, OH
Operation: Wilderness
Team(s) Involved: Ohio
Dates: 07/17/2023
Location: Logan, OH
Operation: Wilderness
Team(s) Involved: Ohio
Dates: 07/03/2023
Location: Zanesville, OH
Operation: Water/Land
Team(s) Involved: Ohio
Dates: 05/31/2023
Location: Logan, OH
Operation: Wilderness
Team(s) Involved: Ohio
Dates: 05/17/2023 - 05/23/2023
Location: Oyster Bay, NY
Operation: Water
Team(s) Involved: Ohio, Pennsylvania

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